Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale

>Trauma Surgery >Pediatric Glasgow Coma ScaleAuthor: J. Sprakel, MD - Latest update: 16-02-2015

Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale

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> 1 year < 1 year Points Description
Spontaneously Spontaneously 4 Eyes open spontaneously.
To speech To speech 3 Eyes open to verbal command, speech or shout.
To pain To pain 2 Eyes open to pain (not applied to face).
No response No response 1 No eye opening.
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> 1 year < 1 year Points Description
Obeys commands Spontaneously 6 Obeys commands for movement.
Moves to localized pain Moves to localized pain 5 Purposeful movement to painful stimulus.
Withdraws from pain Withdraws from pain 4 Flexion withdrawal from pain
Abnormal flexion Abnormal flexion 3 Abnormal (spastic) flexion, decorticate posture.
Abnormal extension Abnormal extension 2 Extensor (rigid) response, decerebrate posture.
No response No response 1 No motor response.
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> 5 year 2-5 year <2 year Points Description
Oriented Appropriate words/phrases Smiles / coos appropriately 5 Oriented to time, place and person
Disoriented/confused Inapproprate words Cries and is consolable 4 Confused conversation, but able to answer questions.
Inappropriate words Persistent cries and screams Persistent inappropriate crying and / or screaming 3 Inappropriate reponses, words discernible.n
Incomprehensible sounds Grunts Grunts, agitated, and restless 2 Incomprehensible sound or speech.
No response No response No response 1 No response